Switch to LED Lighting to Save!

Choose Central Florida’s, American Retrofit LED located in Sanford, for the job

Searching for a cost-effective way to lower your company’s expenses? American Retrofit LED is here to help. We can replace expensive fluorescent lighting with durable, efficient LED lighting that can last decades. The money you save from reducing your electric bill will cover the cost of installation and lead to significant savings over time.

If you need a little more wiggle room when it comes to paying for LED lighting, we we have ideas on how to make it a "ZERO budget change." Simply discuss your needs and budget with one of our team members to get started! Call 407-221-8501 to learn more.

We can handle all of your commercial LED lighting needs

Did you know that operating a single fluorescent fixture for 10 hours every day can cost up to $75 a year? Sanford, Florida’s American Retrofit LED can save you money on every one of your building’s fixtures by retrofitting your fluorescent light fixtures to LED. Your new LED fixtures will be more energy-efficient, bright and durable than standard light bulbs. You’ll be able to cover the upfront cost of the installation with the money saved on electrical costs in no time! the ROI period is usually 12-18 months

Reach out to American Retrofit LED to discuss your LED lighting installation or retrofit today.