9 ways LED improves business

Install LED lighting in Sanford, Florida

The real benefits of LED are almost never discussed, that's what makes ARL different.
Here on the website you'll notice a push for saving on your electric bills. We do that, yes.

It's likely you take your lighting for granted. You turn them on, they work and you go about your day. Most of you look at it and say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

You see, it is broke. Your lighting is costing you in hard and soft dollars. Every month you lose business because of your lighting. we know that's a bold statement but it is true. Suppose I called your office at 3:12 p.m. and the person answering the phone is not 100% on their game, i may choose someone else. Well, ARL can help with that.

Here's a list of the things LED lighting helps. Who knew it was better for morale? Well, it is, it improves morale by 33%.

1. Cost of maintenance
2. The health and safety of your employees and visitors.
3. Morale
4. Productivity or production.
5. Human Resources
6. Customer relations and retention
7. Sales
8. The bottom line.
9. The environment

Read the blog on the 9 ways LED can improve your business for more details.

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5 reasons to choose LED lighting for your business

Think about switching your Florida building over to LED lighting! American Retrofit LED can help. LED lights:

  1. Promote energy efficiency
  2. Last longer than standard light bulbs
  3. Produce more light per watt than standard light bulbs
  4. Are competitively priced
  5. Can be dimmed

We’ll come to your commercial property and analyze your lighting needs in order to help you choose the right LED light bulbs for the space. Call American Retrofit LED at 407-221-8501 to get started, NOW!!!.

Eliminate Maintenance

With an American Retrofit LED retrofit you will not have maintenance for the first five years, it is covered by our warranty. It is likely you will not replace a bulb in ten years.

How many times a year do you currently change light bulbs?
Fluorescent lamps have no warranty because they are too unreliable. Lights that are constantly on last longer. Some brands say they last 40,000 hours but begin dimming and yellowing at the half life. Those brands are more expensive than LED The average life of a fluorescent tube is two years. It will seem as though you are regularly replacing bulbs because they are intermittent in nature. LED bulbs last thirteen years or more and American Retrofit LED has a five year replacement warranty for the bulb and the labor. No maintenance at all in the first five years.

How often is the problem a ballast?
Ballasts range in life along with the price. Your standard 1 year warranty ballast is priced by your electrician at around $40 plus labor. A five year warranty is around $100 and you can get a 25 year ballast for $180. Add installation and your ballast replacement is $3-400. Why replace a ballast when it isn't necessary with LED lamps. The retrofit alone is a third of the cost.

What does it cost for a service call?
We are electricians who are tired of charging our customers for replacing bulbs and ballasts. Every time we visit a business for a bulb replacement we charge a $65 service call then we begin to add parts. Our average service calls are $350. We typically have 3-4 calls per commercial location per year.

As a Small Business owner, Tim Lillo got tired of replacing lamps and ballasts in his Embroidery shop. He turned to American Retrofit LED and now his store is brighter than ever and he doesn't have to replace anything. Tim had been in his location for only a year when he personally replaced three ballasts and countless fluorescent bulbs. "It seems every time I turn around another light fixture needs service. I'm glad you're here today, another one went out last Friday." Tim was handy and could replace his own ballasts and bulbs but chose American Retrofit LED. "I like the warranty, five years and I don't have to do anything, count me in!"