Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lighting

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What can you expect from an American Retrofit?

If you’re ready to “see the light” we start with a simple contract. Once approved; we schedule the retrofit to your desired time. We can do it while your business is closed or we can discretely move about your business. We prefer a closed business, we’re bonded so you can rest assured and you save on the overall costs.
Next, the installation is complete. That’s really all there is to it. We dispose of all of the used parts and you get to “see the light.”

What’s the warranty?

American Retrofit provides a 5 years parts and labor warranty. As you know there is not a warranty on fluorescent tubes.

How much does a retrofit cost?

It varies with the number of bulbs in the fixture and the type and size of the fixture. On average a four foot fixture with four/ two LED bulbs is about one hundred dollars. There are quantity breaks and there is special pricing available, ask your representative.

What is ZERO out of budget costs?

The cost of your LED retrofit comes from the over-payment to your power company. If you have a savings of (i.e.) $60 a year per fixture you are saving $5 a month per fixture. You can make your purchase with a credit line set up with your bank or use a credit card and pay either of them as you wish. Smart business owners use other people's money to make money so you may use their money to save money on your electric bills.

Who does the installation?

Our installation crews are made up of a journeyman electrician and an apprentice.

How long will the installation take?

That depends on a few variables. First is the quantity of LED retrofits. Next is the type of retrofit is necessary and last is if the installation is completed when your business is closed. You won’t be paying by the hour but you certainly want consistency in your lighting. If the job is greater than one crew can complete in one night we may bring in enough crews to complete the job in one night in a retail environment. Office environments will be handled differently. An installation schedule will be discussed prior to beginning the installation.

Can I do the installations myself?

We do not recommend anyone who is not a journeyman electrician do the installation. It will void the labor portion of the 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Does the Retrofit use ballast?

No. Ballasts are high voltage regulators. The LED retrofit is low voltage and does not require the ballast. The ballast will be disabled and the fixture will be rewired. Each LED bulb regulated the influx of power which is why it consumes less energy.

What is the difference is power consumption?

LED lamps use about 17% of the energy that the fluorescent lamp. Your representative will give you approximate calculations of what you are spending to what you will be spending.

How bright will the lamp be?

The fluorescent lamp has light going in every direction so the lamp wastes almost half of the light while the LED lamp is directed light and produced 110% of the light to the 60% of the area needed. In other words the lamps considered twice as bright.

This seems too good to be true.

We’ve all been told, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” All across America companies are retrofitting LED lights where fluorescent and incandescent lamps once existed. They are doing it because the price of LED has finally stabilized. Car manufacturers are installing LED, gas stations are installing LED retrofits and retailers like Dollar General have begun installing LED Retrofits. They have done the math and it is time for them to replace expensive lamps with cost cutting LED. In Detroit the MGM Grand is saving over $500,000 a year in their parking lot. Return on investment period are less than ever before. The savings are real!!

Why should I use American Retrofit?

We are experts in the field. Our buying power brings your cost per unit down. We have the best warranty in the industry, 5 years parts and labor and the fastest installation schedule.

Where does American Retrofit go for installations?

We are currently operating out of Central Florida so that we can satisfy clients almost anywhere in Florida. Our expansion network is hard at work to go beyond the Florida borders. We would love to talk to you about your location and how we can begin to save you money where you are.

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