Duke Energy Rebate and Pet supplies Plus

In another article I mentioned how bright and happy the employees at Pet Supplies Plus were.  Here’s an article about the rebates they received and the savings the will gain by changing to LED.  Here are some highlights of the $156,000 savings in their distribution center.


Pet Supplies Plus is a specialty retail store that has experienced significant growth over the past 28 years. Since opening the doors of its first location in 1988, the company has expanded to more than 370 stores across the country, with a mixture of franchise and corporate operations. It is now the nation’s third-largest pet store. In 2015, the company worked with Duke Energy and one of our participating trade allies to upgrade its distribution center lighting to technology that is more efficient. This retrofit saves Pet Supplies Plus $156,000 annually in energy costs, while improving employee productivity, operational efficiency and employee morale. The company also received $167,877 in Smart $aver Prescriptive and Custom incentives from Duke Energy.


With so much growth and expansion, Pet Supplies Plus was looking for ways to improve its Midwest distribution center, located in Seymour, Ind. Its 763,000-square-foot building was more than 20 years old with the original electrical wiring and metal halide lighting. These lights used too much energy to operate; they were noisy and made the facility overly warm while in use. Visibility was poor, which made it difficult for employees to view their radio frequency (RF) wrist units, an integral part of enabling them to fulfill orders accurately in a timely fashion. Due to this issue, they knew efficiency could be improved. Pet Supplies Plus wanted to reduce energy usage and costs while providing a safer, more comfortable and productive environment for distribution center employees with new, energy-efficient lighting

The whole story: https://www.duke-energy.com/_/media/pdfs/partner-with-us/petsuppliespluscasestudy.pdf?la=en