On June 12, 2017 we visited a Publix Store in Sanford, Florida. There are ninety seven of these 1000 w metal halide light fixtures in the store along with fifty 100 w spot lights, one hundred twenty-four 2 lamp 4 foot fluorescent lamps, fifty six 4’ up-light fluorescent lamps and eighty 2’x 2’ 3 lamp fluorescent fixtures. The above lamp uses 700w more than the LED replacement and we can save Publix grocery Stores $43,021 annually by retrofitting to LED just on those 97 fixtures. All totaled we can save Publix $53,317 annually off of their electric bills in just this one store. Another thing to consider is maintenance. With over 500 ballasts and 700 light bulbs in this one store you could expect many failures throughout the year. There is significance maintenance costs associated with the lights they are currently using. American Retrofit LED has a five year warranty on all of the lamps we install. Publix would not have to maintain any of the lights we install for up to five years. It is unknown how much it costs Publix annually to change light bulbs and ballast in their stores however it is likely that there is significant costs associated with the maintenance of the lighting as each of the stores we visited had dark fixtures.

These lights might be some of the most efficient fluorescent fixtures in existence. This Publix Store at Lake Mary Pointe is a no-frills basic store. The lighting was simply 2’ x 2’ 5 lamp fixtures and the 4’ lights in their cooler cases. Even though the lamps are low in wattage we can still save this store $12,047 annually on their lighting bills.

Like the Sanford store this store had many lamps that had burned out. Many of the five lamp fixtures had two and three lamps working. Maintenance of these fixtures would be eliminated for over ten years and the warranty like above is five years parts and labor.

We also visited Regal Point in Lake Mary, Florida. This store was an up-scale Publix. It had a variety of lighting fixtures from hanging colored globed lamps to spot lights and edge lighting. Even with the variety if lighting American Retrofit can save this store nearly $41,000 annually.

In summary we visited three Publix stores and found over $105,000 annually in lighting costs savings. Couple that with the maintenance savings and it is likely we could save Publix an average of $40,000 per store. Publix has over 300 stores so their savings annually might be over $12 million annually. The exciting part about the retrofit is that in most cases it is an ROI wash within the first 12-18 months. In most cases we find the expenditures in the first year are paid for by the savings in electricity. One of the stores we visited had a ROI of 24 months. Still, Publix would continue to save for eight years and over $100,000 in that one store alone.