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Save Your Company Money With Energy-Efficient Lighting

Hire Sanford, FL’s based American Retrofit LED for the job

Searching for a way to improve your company’s Bottom Line? American Retrofit LED can help. Our lighting specialists can help you choose the right LED bulbs for your business.

LED lighting has become a cost-effective way to lower operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Discuss your lighting needs and budget with one of our team members. We’ll walk you through your available bulb options and install them on your property!

Are you looking to improve your monthly expenses? An American Retrofit LED retrofit can help. Whether you retrofit to LED lights or install new lighting fixtures, you can count on American Retrofit LED to get the job done. Schedule an appointment with American Retrofit LED by calling 407-221-8501 NOW!!!

Commercial LED lighting services based in Sanford, Florida serving the entire state

American Retrofit LED has provides quality lighting installation and replacement services to local business owners with an exclusive 5 year parts and labor warranty. Our lighting specialists can outfit your building with LED light bulbs that will:

Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting by reaching out to American Retrofit LED based in Sanford, NOW!!!

Improve the quality of your lighting

It can be difficult to operate a successful business if you can barely see your surroundings. Say goodbye to dim fluorescent lighting and hello to energy-efficient LED lighting! Sanford, Florida’s American Retrofit LED can install new lights or retrofit your existing light fixtures with bulbs that are up to 110% brighter than standard lighting in your Florida office.

With an LED retrofit, our lighting specialists can save you on average more than $61 per light fixture every year and significantly improve your quality of light!

Contact American Retrofit LED to brighten up your business., NOW!!!

Duke Energy Rebate and Pet supplies Plus

In another article I mentioned how bright and happy the employees at Pet Supplies Plus were.  Here’s an article about the rebates they received and the savings the will gain by changing to LED.  Here are some highlights of the $156,000 savings in their distribution center. Overview Pet Supplies Plus is a specialty retail store […]

9 ways to improve business

OVERVIEW ARL is not a consulting business although this approach may suggest the contrary.  This document has been produced to explain how the products we sell will touch; your people; employees and customers alike, encourage better wellbeing, reduce fatigue, increase safety taper depression and grow productivity, sales and profits. Below is list of the improvements […]

Fabrication and Manufacturing? Use LED, they are the safest.

Is LED right for MFG? IN SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING BY KATE BACHMANMARCH 27, 20122 COMMENTS LED lighting has found its way into many high-bay applications in factories and warehouses. Photo of WhiteWave Foods cold storage area by Andrew Shurtoff for Green Manufacturer. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are taking the lighting industry by storm. With energy demand growing and costs rising, […]

Harvard Business…worth the read.

When it comes to information about LED there is plenty.  I have said time and time again that it is not a matter of if but a matter of when.  In the attached article it mentions that commercial offices in the US make up 39% of the greenhouse emissions.  Other benefits from LED are listed […]

Is Business Slow? This might be why.

Are you concerned about your reputation? If you own a business with lights out a few things are happening, First, you’re likely frustrated at the constant maintenance or regular maintenance or even occasional maintenance you must employ. It seems whenever you change a bulb or two, a few days later there are new ones to […]

The Comparison to the leader, Publix

The Comparison to the leader.     Many years ago Winn Dixie, Piggly Wiggly and Publix competed for the dollars of families in Florida.  Many of you know Piggly Wiggly has evaporated with the Echerd’s and Wollworth’s of days gone by.  Winn Dixie holds onto it’s hat.  As market share dwindles and profits erode WD […]


On June 12, 2017 we visited a Publix Store in Sanford, Florida. There are ninety seven of these 1000 w metal halide light fixtures in the store along with fifty 100 w spot lights, one hundred twenty-four 2 lamp 4 foot fluorescent lamps, fifty six 4’ up-light fluorescent lamps and eighty 2’x 2’ 3 lamp […]

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